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Welcome to Match My Fly Online Teen Boutique! Walk in a room and turn heads in our fashionable, affordable, and trendy styles.

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"Fashion is like eating, you shouldn't stick to the same menu."

"Sometimes it's hard for me to find looks that fit just right due to my size. But, thanks to Shop Match My Fly, I can feel comfortable in whatever I buy"

Latoya S.

"I loved my lucky label outfit, it is true to size and it's super comfy! 10/10 will shop again."

Adrianna B.

"This piece has been so comfortable to wear since being pregnant. I will be back again."

Nyderia S.

"I love these glasses, especially when that light hit the bling!"

Aaliyah M.

"I LOVE the glasses I bought. They are blinged out, very stylish and high in quality. I will be purchasing more of your products soon."

Ariel S.